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Q: Default constructor and instanceof operator Why does the default constructor is called when I execute the following code: static void main(String args[]) { Car a = new Car(); // calls default constructor Car b = new Car(); // calls Car constructor System.out.println(a instanceof Car); // false System.out.println(b instanceof Car); // true } class Car { public Car() { System.out.println("default constructor called"); } public Car(int plateNo) { System.out.println("Car constructor called"); A: Car a = new Car(); // calls default constructor When you call new Car() you invoke the default constructor. The default constructor is not a parametrized constructor, that is why instanceof Car always returns false. You can verify this with Car c = new Car(1); Car d = new Car(1); Now when you call instanceof Car you see both Car instances are of type Car. Q: create html table using a variable from an array I've been working on this for a while, and cant get it to work. I have a variable named $a, and I want it to insert into a named test_table. But I want the values to be in the columns, instead of having a fixed length. I have a drop-down menu of ID's, and I want each line to have the selected ID in the column. I've tried this with no success: $v) echo " $v




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OfficeTabEnterprise1200228PreActivatedSerialKeykeygen [2022]

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